Nairobi to adopt new system in controlling traffic jam

Nairobi to adopt new system in controlling traffic jam

An intelligent transport system to be rolled out in Nairobi is set to drastically reduce the traffic jams in the city. The transportation system, which includes adaptive lights that control traffic in response to road user patterns, will ensure smooth use of vehicles by improving mobility in at least 100 intersections in the city.

NAIROBI, KENYA: Nicholas Airo, Director at NAS International, the company implementing the system, said that the system will soon be operational in three intersections on Ngong Road, Kileleshwa By-pass, with junctions from Industrial Area to Ring Road Parklands also in the pipeline. “The intelligent traffic system involves having a remotely controlled system where you can coordinate transport in the city without having the police and traffic marshals in the intersections, one can actually coordinate and monitor traffic system in one platform under a controlled centre and improve mobility in the city,” said Airo. In addition, the traffic system is expected to promote road safety and curb violation of traffic rules.


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