Signal Heads

We provide Signal heads from SWARCO and other partners.

Led Variable Message Signs

There is the FUTURIT VMS which constitute the Cutting-edge of optical quality in signalization and are used worldwide for dynamic traffic management on highways, traffic guidance in urban areas, lane control ahead of tunnels and lane assignment inside tunnels. Parking lot guidance, traffic calming, improved safety and warning of upcoming hazards and black spots, and toll stations are additional applications of the FUTURIT’s VMS.


MINISIGNAL is another product for signaling applications. MINISIGNAL is available in traffic applications as repeater signal at intersections for parking applications and as signal for bicycle lanes. Additionally MINISIGNAL has been utilized in many signaling applications in the field of industrial automation.

Global Traffic Signal

GLOBAL LED modules are designed as ready to mount traffic light modules. They replace transformer, wiring, housing, light source, diffusing plate and masks of conventional traffic signals. In addition, GLOBAL can be fast and easily retrofitted. GLOBAL is available with operating voltages of 230 V and 40 V (OCIT).


Attractive designs are also found in traffic lights and if you chose that for your nation, city or region, then ALUSTRA is what you would go for. This is a product that combines superb optical quality with an attractive design. The innovative ALUSTAR is FUTURIT’s LED-based traffic signal made of aluminium. It is available with aspect diameters of 100, 210, or 300 mm. The robust ALUSTAR signals harmoniously integrate into urban landscapes without compromising the basic function of clear and unmistakable signaling.

Pedestrian Pushbutton Acoustic Signal

The new multi-functional TOUCH push-buttons assist pedestrians in getting priority upon request at intersections. The innovative push-buttons come in an attractive design underlining SWARCO FUTURIT‘s high product quality standards. Pedestrians – in particular also the visually impaired – will appreciate the functional layout of the pushbuttons. Tactile and acoustic features are implemented to combine the push-button TOUCH with our ALUSTAR LED traffic signal with integrated acoustic unit. The push-button model TOUCH SOUND is a solution with integrated acoustic features, so no separate speaker is needed. The careful selection of materials makes the products particularly resistant against vandalism. The new push-buttons combine robustness with modern design, match current standards and set new ones.


FUTURA’s slim and elegant design will change the look of urban landscapes around the globe. At the same time FUTURA offers a new level of efficiency and environmental respect. Choosing FUTURA makes you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from product manufacture and energy production. FUTURA is the world’s first traffic signal developed under eco-design principles and sets a new level in 21st century traffic signaling.

Mondial Traffic Light

Due to the successful combination of outstanding optical quality and an attractive design, MONDIAL is one of SWARCO FUTURIT’s most popular signal heads. It has been installed all over the world, from icy Scandinavia to deserts on the Arabian Peninsula, where MONDIAL signal heads have successfully proven their sturdiness and flexibility in all climatic conditions. Made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate MONDIAL is resistant to mechanical stress, unfavorable weather conditions and solar radiation. Its modular design and constructional snap elements allow for easy signal maintenance. MONDIAL can be supplied with different types of light sources and electrical systems such as high voltage, low voltage, BA 20, halogen or LEDs. Meeting the highest requirements all over the world, MONDIAL is the most versatile traffic signal head available. With its optical system being adapted to each lamp type for optimum light intensity, MONDIAL is our well proven
contribution to traffic safety.


NAS supplies and installs Swarco FUTURIT which is the world leader in the development and production of traffic signal head technology. This FUTURIT demonstrates that well developed design concepts are hard to improve. Specifically, there is the STANDARD FUTURIT; a polycarbonate traffic signal head launched many years ago and progressively enhanced over time. It remains the state of the art standard in many countries due to its robust design, reliability, and universal usability. Installations around the globe include a variety of applications in road, rail, waterways and other areas.

FUTURLED countdown

FUTURLED countdown signals indicate the time remaining until the next red or green phase and thus contribute to better orientation and less risky behavior of pedestrians and motorists at intersections.

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